Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monday December 1, 2008 Dinner

Well, okay, so what if I didn't cook a turkey for Thanksgiving? So what if I went to a upscale restaurant and pigged out on the buffet line? That does not mean I can't enjoy a leftover turkey sandwich. I cheated. I roasted a turkey breast just so I could have leftovers. And then I made a nice turkey sandwich.

Roast Turkey Breast
  • 1 split turkey breast (about 2.5 pounds), bone in
  • rubbed with olive oil
  • inserted two twigs of rosemary under the skin
  • inserted 5 peeled cloves of garlic under the skin
  • coarse sea salt and generous pepper
  • roasted at 375 for 1.5 hours
Cooked, then cooled overnight in the refrigerator. Thin slices of turkey on whole grain bread with coarse mustard, mayo, red onion and cheddar cheese. Along with a home-brewed IPA and a handful (or two) of Fritos, it was just plain tasty.

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